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IC Auto Pad Printer
IC Auto Pad Printer
Product ID: WE-9151

The robot picks up the full loaded IC tube from storage area, and the full loaded IC tube with slide into printing section thru the conveying system. The robot will replace another full loaded IC tube with non-loaded IC tube if it is picked up from storage area to avoid any printing stop when the non-loaded IC tube is founded.
When IC is printed it will be fed into IC tube automatically, and the full loaded IC tube with be replaced with a new blank IC tube to receive printed IC automatically too.

  • Machine Dimension (L x W x H) : 2,100 x 670 x 1,760 (mm)
  • Net Weight : 300 Kg
  • Printing speed : 1 Hr / 1,200 PCS
  • Max.Printing plate : 90 x 180 (mm)
  • The Ink-Cup with advantage of no scent, odorless, low pollution and a minimal additives requirement is used on the machine to increase production capacity and decrease poor printing effects.
  • The machine is with a "Slant-back" design, which gives the IC transferred out of IC tube and after printing fed into IC tube automatically.
  • The machine is also with Mitsubishi PLC control, which gives the machine multiple protection to avoid any jam or misprint happen during the processing.