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Precision motor type screen printer
Precision motor type screen printer


Product ID: 1500F2M

The motor is used for the left-right coating device.
The adjustable stencil fixing unit is suitable for
   the fast change of the stencil.
Using Japan made "THK" linear shuttle.
Squeegee-up design for the stencil clean.
Using Germany made "FESTO" or Japan made "SMC"
pneumatic component

Max printing area 600*1500mm
Max stencil size 750*1800*30mm
Working Table size 700*1700mm
Squeegee driver DC Motor
Squeegee speed 20-80mm/s
Squeegee angle 20~45度角
Squeegee pressure 1.5~4kgf
Up/Down stroke 250mm
Off-contact 0~50mm
Working table precision +/- 0.08mm
Working table adjusting range x-y  +/- 10mm ,Θ+/-3度
Output (one way) 16~65秒
Printing mode: two way printing
dimension(LxWxh) 2130*1390*1968mm
Net WT 1420kg