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Auto two color UV printer
Auto two color UV printer
Product ID: WE-16UV-A1
  1. Printing tolerance: ±40mm
  2. Printing speed: 2000~2400PCS/Hr
  3. printing length: 100mm
  4. Size of printing object: Ø8mm、Ø11mm、Ø14mm
  5. Power: 380V 3phase 60HZ 10KW 60A
  6. Machine size: 2300mm×2200mm×1800mm
    Main body size: 1700×1500×1800mm
  7. Machine weight: 1500kgs
  1. Application: 1ml, 3ml and 5ml syringe
  2. Manual loading into storage tank (loading some syringes in vibrator)=>Linear transmission=>robot arm clamps syringe to feeding entrance=> robot arm push for feeding=>Indexing transmission=>flame treatment=>static eliminate=>preposition=>auto printing=>UV curing=>preposition=>2nd color printing=>UV curing=>auto unloading onto conveyor.
  3. For 1ml or 3ml syringe printing, just change the vibrator, fixture on the feeding slide base and 16Pcs printing fixture.
  4. Special position device make the two color printing more precision.
  5. The machine is packaged in a complete, dustproof and no UV light exposure to ensure human health and print quality
  6. Using POD &PLC control system for easy operation and maintenance
  7. Electronic sensor, no object no printing, increase the printing yield rate.
  8. Electronic sensor, no object no flame treatment. And special flame treatment device provide the better effect without deformation.
  9. Using Germany and Japan electric components, good quality for long term operation
  10. Enlarge inner space of machine for smooth printing action of printing, make the multi-color printing better.