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Single color ink cup pad printer
Single color ink cup pad printer
Product ID: WE-231-TW
  1. Printing speed: 15-20Pcs/min
  2. Printing area : Ø75(㎜)
  3. Steel plate : 120×250×10(㎜)
  4. Power:220V 50/60HZ Single phase
  5. Machine size:  1100×640×1520(㎜)
  6. Machine weight:450㎏
  1. Application: Fabric printing. The distance between to center of steel plate and printing location is 30cm, easy for large fabric material feeding.
  2. Printing speed is 15-20Pcs/per minute. Double printing speed is 7.5-10Pcs/per minute.
  3. The hot air device is necessary for good printing quality on fabric.
  4. The pad clean device is necessary for clean the pad. Because the dust on fabric easy pollutes the pad.
  5. Using imported pneumatic components and ink cup for stale quality, save the cost of ink & solvent, no scent, no smell, beauty printing color, low pollution and increase the production capacity.
  6. Programmable IC provides a function: a printing in front side/back side: 0-9 times for ensure a good printing thickness and washable.
  7. Microprocessor controlled. An advanced and unique four times "PAUSE" function for better printing quality have been designed to enable users who may stop or continue the operation in process of printing, easy to maintain.
  8. The extra light mounted on the machine gives clear printing.
  9. Patent ink squeegee device provides stable/smooth/clear ink squeezing.