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Screen Printers
Screen Printers

Screen Printer

Product ID: WE-250F/400F/500F (Screen Printing, For Flat Surface Objects)

Guger is a professional manufacturer of screen printers. We provide high quality and compatible printer for different requests and wishes from our clients. Besides this equipment, we also offer pad printers, hot stamping machines, stencil makers and screen printing equipment. Our excellent supply of world-class quality and manufacture are based on modern facilities and quality control.

Specialized in manufacturing screen printer products, the WE-250F / 400F / 500F with adjustable working table is suitable for paper, stickers, slim plastic film, scale, leather and tile, etc. The qualified Germany-made design for these durable products with microprocessor control will be your best choice.

Guger Industries owns sufficient technical experiences and is widely known in the industry. We manufacture series printer products, ie, screen printing machine with quality. In this way, we strictly complete the quality control during the production. Therefore, we are your reliable manufacturing partner.

  • Applications:
    • WE-250F, 400F and 500F is with vacuum working table suitable for paper, stickers, slim plastic film, scale, leather, tile, cloth, wood, label, plastic bag, acrylic, medical supply, plate and other thin and flat workpieces, etc.
  • Model : WE-250F
    • Max Printing Plate : 100 x 150 (mm)
    • Output / Hour : 600 ~ 1,800
    • Dimension (L x W x H) : 650 x 500 x 1,600 (mm)
    • Net WT : 175 kg
  • Model : WE-400F
    • Max Printing Plate : 250 x 300 (mm)
    • Output / Hour : 600 ~ 1,800
    • Dimension (L x W x H) : 700 x 750 x 1,650 (mm)
    • Net WT : 205 kg
  • Model : WE-500F
    • Max Printing Plate : 300 x 400 (mm)
    • Output / Hour : 600 ~ 1,800
    • Dimension (L x W x H) : 950 x 950 x 1,650 (mm)
    • Net WT : 215 kg
  • A digital microprocessor control is being used on the unit with
  • A durable and trouble free Germany made
  • The transmission system of the machine utilizes a direct imported Japan made linear bearing guide for extremely stable printing.
  • The working table can be easily adjusted, as wish, for precision registration purpose.
  • An advantage and optional
  • Pneumatic operated printing head lifting-up design offers a quick and convenient way of screen cleaning, assembling, adjusting as well as other replacement, if required.
  • Custom-made screen printers are available and welcome.