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Electric ignition flame treatment for flat plastic surface
Electric ignition flame treatment for flat plastic surface
Product ID: WE-9111E-A
  1. Application: battery jar flame treatment. Stable treating speed and good effect.
  2. The electric ignition is PLC control. Auto turn on the flame with electric sensor. No object no flame for safety and saving the gas. (Involve small air tank)
  3. Instantly heats PE and PP products to 1100℃ with air/gas combination to create an oxide surface film in preparation for later print. Ink adheres completely to the product, ensuring a clear, sharp, long-lasting printed surface.
  4. Feature: The continuously variable device is adopted, the treating speed is adjustable. It is suitable for any thickness, any size of object with automatic flame adjustment.
  5. Using PLC control system. Manual electric ignition for the flame test, then start the flame treatment in auto mode.
  6. Adjust the width of flame depend on the size of object.
  7. Treating speed:0~50M/MIN
  8. Horsepower:1/4HP Variable-frequency motor
  9. Power:220V 50/60HZ Single phase
  10. Air pressure motor:2HP、6GK/CM2
  11. Flame nozzle:2 Set(2Pcs side by side, up to down treating)
  12. Machine size : 1950×650×1180(㎜), width of net: 400mm (height between net and ground: 750-800mm), adjustable machinery mount.
  13. Machine weight: 300Kg
  14. Available treating area: Max. width 30cm, adjustable width of flame.
  15. Treating way: up to down treatment.