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Exclusive For Lighters Screen Printing Machine
Exclusive For Lighters Screen Printing Machine
Product ID: WE-9102-A / WE-9102-B

  • Model : WE-9102-A
    • Max Printing Area (mm) : 30 x 80
    • Output / Hour : 3,000 ~ 3,600
    • Dimension (L x W x H) : 800 x 850 x 1,650 (mm)
    • Net WT : 240 kg
  • Model : WE-9102-B
    • Max Printing Area (mm) : 90 x 80
    • Output / Hour : 6,000 ~ 9,000
    • Dimension (L x W x H) : 1,000 x 1,200 x 1,650 (mm)
    • Net WT : 320 kg
  • A digital microprocessor control is being used on the unit with "DERAULT" diagnostic system easy for operation and maintenance.
  • A durable and trouble free Germany made "BOSCH" or Japan made "SMC" pneumatic components have been used on the machine gives the most superior performance in process of printing.
  • The transmission system of the machine utilizes a direct imported Japan made linear bearing guide for extremely stable printing.
  • The working table can be easily adjusted, as wish, for precision registration purpose.
  • An advantage and optional & "Left to Right" printing way to lower ink consumption is designed.
  • Pneumatic operated printing head lifting-up design offers a quick and convenient way of screen cleaning, assembling, adjusting as well as other replacement, if required.
  • An electric driven rotating table is mounted on the machine for quality printing and also can be linked with peripheral equipments to speed up printing effects.
  • WE-9102A is designed with one piece manual feeding, auto printing and auto outfeeding, and WE-9102B is designed with 3 piece manual feeding at the same time, auto printing and auto outfeeding.
  • Custom-made machine is available and welcome.