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Silk Screen Vacuum Printing Frame
Silk Screen Vacuum Printing Frame
Product ID: WE-9120
  • Standard light source: Made in Japan 3000W instantly-starting UV lamp
  • Vacuum system:1/4HP Low-noise oilless vacuum system
  • Power source: single phase 220V 50/60HZ 25A
  • High-Speed Vacuum System
    • Equipped with dustless,oilless and low-noise vacuum pump and highly-tensile,UV-proof rubber board。Creates a vacuum evenly and rapidly。Quick and immediate contact between film and screen,very smooth contact surface。Good for printing images made up of extra-fine and high density lines down to direct,indirect or direct/indirect screens in a dustless room.
  • Precision Integration Light Meter
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with LCD monitor, the Light accumulator controls the exposure accurately with deviation ±2%, disregards the variation of UV light intensity from lamp fading, power changing, and starting temperature.
  • Even spreading of UV light
    • Imported reflector material endures strong UV light and resists oxidization; special design allows light spreading evenly, that the PS plate can be exposed evenly & steadily.
  • High Power UV lamp
    • Two instant types 3000W or 6000W are available for your selection with excellent power saving, or two steps warm up type (2000W / 4000W) for heavy job loading operation.
  • Strong machine structure with big drawers for film keeping
    • High-tension steel with digitized shaping, static powder coating, ensures 10 years time service
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    Max. size of screen frame 60*90cm 90*120cm 135*135cm
    Size of film for indirect screen 75*100cm 100*130cm 145*145cm
    Net weight 180 kgs 240 kgs 400 kgs
    Gross weight 320 kgs 420 kgs 650 kgs
    Machine dimension 128*102*110 (cm) 160*135*122 (cm) 176*176*122 (cm)
    Packing dimension 150*125*140 (cm) 180*155*160 (cm) 198*198*160(cm)