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Auto pneumatic heat transfer machine
Auto pneumatic heat transfer machine
Product ID: WE-FPB-100-1
  1. Manual pull carbon rods into the storage tank=>auto feeding on the indexing device=>automatic move to the heat transfer printing area=>automatic heat transfer printing=>automatic outfeeding=>the printing is complete.
  2. The printing speed is 20~25PCS/per minute.
  3. The transfer paper is roll type.
  1. Power: 220V,1 PH
  2. Silicone Roller: ID38XOD100XL120mm
  3. Beam Sensor (Keyence FS-N11N)
  4. Foil Tensoin Controller (Powder-Clutch)
  5. Thermocouple (C015-11)
  6. Indexing Drives
  7. Foil Position Adjust Set
  8. Auto Feeder
  9. Digital Temp. Controller & Timer
  10. Printing speed:20~25Pcs/per minute.