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10 Color Golf Ball Printer
10 Color Golf Ball Printer
Product ID: WE-9159-1

  • Double infeeding & double outfeed, 5 color two-side printing. The output: 3,600 pcs/hr.
  • Single infeeding & single outfeed, 10 color single-side printing. The output: 1,800 pcs/hr.
  • The servo-motor index to serve wither single or double infeeding is controlled by programmable operation display and give less electricity consuming.
  • Special rotary device gives precision registration, saves the electronic & air power. Low noise with low cost for long term operation.
  • The "Anti Static" & "Dust Off" device are used.
  • Hot air device speeds up the drying time and gives the perfect printing.
  • Germany sealed ink cup gives more stable and precise printing.
  • The extra light mounted on the machine give clear printing.
  • With large plastic feeder and well protection gives no scratch happen between balls when feeding.
  • The special compressed air storage distributes air flow equally, no less or over flow air situation.
  • The fixtures are with injected rubber can hold the ball stably, no slippery, and easy to be replaces.
  • It is the printing machine with fastest printing speed in South-east Asia.
  • Application
    • Suitable for golf balls printing, custom-made machine is available and welcome.
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Color 10
Max Printing Plate 90 x 180mm
Output / Hour 1,800 ~ 3,600
Dimension (L x W x H) 2,660 x 2,295 x 2,100mm
Net WT. 2,000 Kg