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High Precision LCD Screen Printing Machine
High Precision LCD Screen Printing Machine

high precision LCD screen printing machine

Product ID: WE-1210 LCD ON LINE

  • Model : WE-1106 LCD
    • Printing Area (mm) : 680 x 880
    • Max Halftone Size (mm) : 1500 x 1500
    • Max Thickness of Print (mm) : 0-10
    • Dimension (L x W x H) : 3000 x 2000 x 2500 (mm)
    • Net WT : 2800 kg
    • Power : 3 phase 220V
  • 4 post printing construction keeps the printing quality stable.
  • Precision Servo Motor and THK Linear shuttle are adopted.
  • Touch panel control.
  • The precise vacuum table is suitable for the GLASS & FILM process. Using 6 point position.
  • Constant pressure of squeegee printing and the squeegee, flood coater blade,stencil and ink .
  • PLC controlling system can reduce the breakdown to maintain easily.
  • The printing speed, stroke and GAP can be recorded as memory setting.
  • The memory setting of term of process.(999 setting)
  • pneumatic stencil lock device: it uses 8 point cylinder locking to ensure no displacement for the stencil.
  • The anti-static & dust off function increase the yield rate.