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Roller type heat transfer machine
Roller type heat transfer machine
Product ID: WE-RCB-120
  1. Application: Circle heat transfer.
  2. Roller: Ø38*Ø150*L30~120(mm)
  3. Heater cover: L180mm
  4. Tube heater: Ø14*L180(mm)
  5. Heater: 400W*6pcs=2400W
  6. Amp (meter): 14A
  7. Thermo controller of roller.
  8. Working tabke: L1050*W650*H670(mm)
  9. Up/down stroke: 60mm
  10. Max. opening: 300mm
  11. Center distance: 210mm
  12. Foil tension controller: Gear+DC solenoid valve POWER CLUTH
  13. Packing weight: 300kg
  14. Packing size: L140*W85*H205(cm)