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Ink mixer
Ink mixer
Product ID: WE-5R
  • Agitating volume:0.5 ~ 5L
  • Time control:0 ~ 10 minutes
  • Machine Size:380*430*930(mm)
  • Build-in dimension: 240*240*250 (mm)
  • Oscillation speed: adjustable
  • Power:AC 110/220 V 50/60Hz
  • Current Output:0.4 KW
  • Weight:70 Kg
  • Application:
    • Mixing of inks, paints,coatings, and other liquid or viscous paste mixers.
    • Suitable for mixing powder and liquid or paste together and mixing of materials with its thinner/reducer.
    • Most suitable for UV INK, because SILICON content in UV INK which lead to difficult mixing
  • Environmental Friendly
    • Operates very quietly while container is sealed with lid. No spillage, no solvent evaporation.
  • Safety
    • Completely enclosed. No accessible exposed moving part as with conventional mixers.Machine will not operate with door open.
  • No Clean - up
    • No mixing blades and mixing containers to clean. Therefore, no mess around with solvents and hazardous waste disposals