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Micro SD card automatic 1 color ink-cup pad printer
Micro SD card automatic 1 color ink-cup pad printer
Product ID: WE-9169
  1. Printing color: 1 color
  2. Steel plate: 120×480×12(㎜)
  3. Hourly printing capacity:7200PCS     
  4. Machine size:L2230㎜×W930㎜×H1930㎜
  5. Machine weight:1100kg


  1. Manual stack 20Pcs and place them in the feeding storage, auto feeding=>electrostatics dust-off=> auto registration=>auto printing=>auto unloading=>auto collecting in the outfeeding area
  2. When one printing is completed, the machine will clean the pad.
  3. The minutely capacity is 120Pcs (exclude the pad clean )
  4. The vacuum device is adopted for fixing the SD card.
  5. Servo motor is used for good precision, long-term operation without displacement.
  6. Pad clean device can clear the surplus ink and tiny dust, make the printing.
  7. POD control system is adopted for easy operation & maintenance.
  8. Using imported ink cup, stable quality, save the cost of ink & solvent, no scent, no smell, beauty printing color, low pollution and increase the production capacity.